Art of Hiking – Part 1

What I did not explain in my first post (at least fully) is how much I love the outdoors & hiking. For me, hiking helps clear everything else away. It helps me reset to a clean mental & emotional state. Plus it really helps that I live in a beautiful area!

I thought this might be a nice way to introduce those of you who are new to hiking to some essentials. I’ll add several parts over time in this series, but first let’s start with how & what you carry on your hike.

Now I’m talking day hikes, not backpacking – although quite a few items & principles apply to both!

Tennessee Valley

First, What do you carry your stuff in? Daypacks are most common, but hip belts/packs are becoming more popular. I just started using a hip-pack and it is taking some getting used to! I typically default to a daypack (I use Rei co-op Flash 22). The below article from GearJunkie has great questions to ask yourself when choosing a pack & great recs.

Next, What do I put in my pack?

  • Fully charged phone
  • Trail/road ID (listed emergency contact info & allergies)
  • Map, compass – (I’ll expand on this in a later post!)
  • Water (extra) – bladder, hydration pack or bottles (I never leave home without my hydroflask!)
  • Snacks or meal (steel containers are wonderful for carrying sandwiches, pasta etc. in!)
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray – all depending on season
  • Layers – jacket, neck wrap, head wrap, rain shell – (I’ll expand on this in a later post!)
  • Extra pair of socks
  • First aid kit – including bandages, antibacterial, tweezers, knife, etc.
  • Sketchbook/journal
  • Tp/tissues (& baggie) #leavenotrace

I always carry these items even if I plan a short hike. You never know where a trail will lead!

Stay tuned for more hiking tidbits in upcoming posts!

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