Happy New Year!

Let’s start with the word resolutions. Every blogger and influencer are talking about this word and it’s meaning. Saying you don’t need to change yourself. While I mostly agree, personally I let a lot slide in 2018 (post coming soon) and need to get my life and well being back on track.

This year I’m starting with quite a few goals that I’ll reasses at my birthday (almost mid-year). I’m recording progress via a bullet journal (I started one last year and the months I used it really helped!). Also accountability is huge for me, hoping this post helps in that!

2019 Goals:

  1. Consistency with my blog. And Instagram. I’d like to update both regularly and tell all my stories of my travels and random knowledge tidbits. This way I can get them all out of my head!
  2. Explore and get involved with what I’m passionate about which is the outdoors! (duh!) But how do I really get involved and try to make a career? Is it in tech? Advocacy? Retail? Excursions? Still tbd but I want to be excited about my path in life action.
  3. Make working out and staying active a priority again. I’ve let this drop for a few years. So for 2019 I’m going to join an actual gym so I can make a plan, have a coach, and be held accountable.
  4. Finding balance in everything. Travel (I need to find happiness at home), social, work, wellness, money, family, friends.
  5. Backpack! There are so many places that you can only get to by backpacking in, so this is finally the year I’m going to try it. I’ve been hesitant as I have a ongoing neck and back strain but hopefully the ‘balance’ achieved above will help that!
  6. Meditate. I suffer from “monkey brain” (yay, type A), and meditation is known to help. I’d like to go with guided meditation but haven’t found the right app yet to help.

Would you all like to see how I’m tracking in my bullet journal?

What are everyone’s goals for 2019?

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