52 Hike Challenge

At the end of 2017, I began to think about my “resolutions.” Typically I only make these at my birthday each year since that’s an actual new year.

But for 2018 I decided to make a few (let’s call them) goals. Below is what they were, and how I fared at each!

  1. Start adding beef to my diet again.
    • Overall fail…I just can’t. I think it’s more mental at this point then my body telling me no!
  2. Find balance between work and home.
    • Gigantic fail. Going to give this one a go again in 2019 but with specific intentions. I’ll take ANY suggestions!!
  3. Hike at least once a week.

I found since moving to Northern California that being outdoors makes me happy. So why not make this a consistent goal?!

View from Mt. Tam at sunrise

So I began the 52 Hike Challenge with the third challenge – Explorer Series. Basically challenging myself to find a new trail to explore at least once a week.

And since I was posting on social media, hello accountability! I knew I had to keep this resolution.

I was very consistent at first, hiking a new trail at least once a week. I also travel a good bit, so this was slightly easier than I thought it would be.

In finishing the challenge in less than 10 months, I learned some things:

1. I don’t love hiking alone. I did a good amount of it, but it’s definitely more fun with others. And much more motivating! It also gave me a chance to grow some of my friendships.

2. Traveling is great, but sometimes the outdoors at home is lovely too. Mt Tam, that one’s for you.

3. It’s ok to not look at your map all the time and just hike. Still working on this one and truly disconnecting (of course, always have a plan as back-up!)

4. Getting lost is frustrating in the moment, but ok/funny later. And leads to some great stories!

5. Veggie trail burritos are the best mid-hike lunch. Enough said.

Campfire enchiladas that turn into next day trail burritos!

Has anyone completed the challenge? Tell me your lessons learned!

Does anyone interested in learning more about the challenge? I’m hear for advice!

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