Snowy Stockholm

Leaving the wilderness and blue hours of Northern Sweden was a bit of a shock (and withdrawal) but I was excited to visit Stockholm! I had heard so many good things about the city, food, and fashion and it did not disappoint!

Stockholm as a city is beautiful. Christmas lights were up and everyday it snowed (again we visited end of November).

One of the many churches in Stockholm

I’m a big fan of museums, and there are so many in Stockholm. More historical than art, but why not! We visited several viking museums and modern art museums. All very historical but from a really interesting perspective. Using the Stockholm pass came in very handy and saved a lot of money.

Viking ship in the museum

Old Town “Gamla Stan” was beautifully decorated for Christmas but was very touristy. The churches are beautiful inside and out and I’d still recommend walking through this part of town. The dusting of snow also added a little holiday cheer.

Going downtown the scenery changes and you’re in a modern city. The fashion is fantastic! Heels, boots, coats and luxurious scarfs everywhere. Scandinavian style is so simple yet chic!

Stained glass in a church

But the people were honestly not my favorite. Everyone was fairly rude and unpleasant (I have since heard that this was very unusual). I was quite surprised by it in general as in the Northern part of the country, everyone was amazing. Nonetheless, we saw, ogled and enjoyed!

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