5 Things Reboot

Hello! It’s been a minute (more like 1.5 years) that I’ve done a 5 things post. So given the year of 2019 is almost finished, I thought it’d be a good time to revisit.

5 things about me:

1. I’m in training for my first half marathon. Running this distance had been a goal of mine for 10+ years. I’ve read books, magazines and podcasts all about running for a long, long time. But an injury 7 years ago halted those plans and I’ve been hesitant since. Now that I’m almost 40 (ahhhhh!) I figured why not? It’s also for a good cause as I’m raising money for the Sierra Club.

2. I love mountains and traveling to them. You know how many people are beach or sea people that must live near water, I’m not one of them. But I’ve also never lived in a landlocked state. So not sure how I’d feel about being without water nearby. I also like traveling to the mountains during winter. More on that in future blog posts.

3. I work in Tech! This is new and I moved to the Bay Area to go into retail but I have since transitioned over. And following up from my first 5 things, I am still not an apple convert (holding strong!)

4. I’m an only child. There are loads of stereotypes about only children, and I’m hear to tell you most are true. But I also think it’s how you handle the only child syndrome as an adult that’s the real story. Any other only children out there? What’s a stereotype that you hate? I’m not a big fan of the spoiled one.

5. I don’t eat meat. So I rarely talk about this but I gave up meat almost 5 years ago. I do eat fish and eggs and ALL the cheese but no meat. I do occasionally eat a piece of steak but it’s quite rare (heh, punny). I initially gave up meat to just test my body and see if it would feel better. And I was never able to go back.

Now, tell me a fun fact about yourself!