Reflections & New Year

A new year and decade is upon us, and honestly it doesn’t feel different to me. I don’t feel the need to reflect on the past decade as A LOT happened. This was the decade of my 30’s. I went through many jobs but am no closer to my dream work. I’ve had a lot of friends, some that are still around and some that I’ve outgrown. I moved across the country and discovered what I love to do in my free time. Most of all, I grew more confident in myself, my decisions and how I chose to live my life.

Reflecting on 2019

My New Years goals didn’t go quite as planned. But that doesn’t mean the year wasn’t changing and successful.

Goal #1 – Consistency on the blog

Clearly I didn’t follow thru with consistent blog posting, and totally forgot about my mid-year progress post. Whoopsie! Hoping for more consistency in the next year.

Goal #2 – Involvement in the outdoors

Aside from going on hikes and exploring new areas, I didn’t go further with this one. Still not entirely sure how to move forward, but have some ideas for the coming months.

Goal #3 – Making working out a priority

Glad to say this one has held! I found ways to do this with and without a coach, plus wrote a bit for a workout class website and registered for my first half marathon!

Goal #4 – Balance

I also progressed on this goal, finding balance in travel (i.e. stay home a bit more), found a new job that is more flexible (and honestly mentally and emotionally healthier), found balance with money, family and friends. Of course, this is always a work in progress but having only one job now (down from 4) and understanding what I need each day helps!

Goal #5 – Backpack

Backpacking did not happen this year (but not for a lack of trying!) but I am confident it will happen in 2020. Best of all, I know I’m equipped (physically and with the ‘stuff’) to do this.

Goal #6 – Meditate

I did try out many apps (Calm, Headspace, etc.) and decided to purchase a subscription from Happy Not Perfect. I like that it focuses on guided meditation and has quite a few nighttime meditations for sleep. But that’s as far as I got and honestly haven’t meditated in several months.

What was most successful in 2019 was changing my circumstance. By getting a new job, I am now able to focus on my passions. Developing my photography further (new in 2019!), writing more and beginning to paint. Along with running, training and taking care of my own health (physically and mentally), 2019 was overall a good year.

Looking forward, 2020

This year I’m focusing on making an Impact. To myself, others and the environment. Really wanting to hone-in making changes. These all aren’t necessarily true goals, but more lifestyle changes.

Goal #1 – Physical training

As I’ve signed up for a half marathon (in May!), I need to consistently run to increase my mileage as well as cross-train to avoid injury. I’ve already joined a gym, taking personal training sessions and am looking into getting a coach.

Goal #2 – Health

After 3 years of meeting with different NDs (Naturopathic doctors) as to why I have a lack of overall energy and sleep horribly, we’ve come to some conclusions. It is still a work in progress, but at least knowing some of the answers is satisfying! Also I’ve been a pescatarian for 3 years now, and my diet isn’t the best (I’m writing this while eating nachos and drinking an Amber Ale). Not saying I’m going to give up on that (balance) but I am going to cut down on the sweets, cheese and up the beans and veggies.

Goal #3 – Sustainability

REI is one-upping their Opt Outside initiative with an Opt to Act Plan. While I’m not going to be doing the 52 weekly changes calendar, I am going to continue making some changes to become more sustainable. My main goal is to limit purchasing (helping waste and my wallet) to 2 purchases a month of “unneeded” spending. I’m also going to focus my purchasing from sustainable brands and/or small businesses. I’ve already started this for Christmas and will be continuing. If anyone has recommendations on work attire, that would be great!

Goal #4 – Evie   

My little pup is aging (almost 13!) and I want to make her last years as happy as possible. This means limiting my trips and my time away from home. And if something makes her happy (going on a walk, treats, food) then she’s going to get it!

Tell me, what are your goals for 2020?

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